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Where to find all Bunkers in Warzone

hello guys if you new in the warzone and Trying to open a bunker into a Cod warzone you came to the right palace we have decode every bunker for you. Finding your way in can mean an enormous advantage for your squad, but comes with many risks. Finding them isn’t too hard, but unlocking them may be a different story altogether.

To make your next match go smoother, I’ve put together a handy breakdown of all their locations so you’ll collect the precious gear contained within. Arriving unscathed relies on a healthy dose of luck, but you will have a solid advantage over your opponents if you create the proper role of the dice.

Once you manage that, with the assistance of this guide, you would like to spot which treasure trove is best for you and your team, and head there safely—while expecting opportunistic campers, of course. So, with every Warzone bunker code you would like in your back pocket, here are all the locations you would like, including the way to get past the tricky-to-access bunker 11 and locked stadium doors.

With the Haunting of Verdansk event fully swing, players also are hunting down the CoD Warzone Trick or Treat locations across the map. a number of them intersect closely with the bunkers, so be wary of jump scares. After the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops it’s clear that bunker-type puzzles also will be used for future in-game reveals that span across games, so we’ll make certain to allow you to know when there are new bunkers to bust.

Every Warzone bunker code: All new locations and combinations

So you’ll likely have an honest idea of where the quality bunkers are now, but the reveal puzzle for Call of Duty: Black Ops: conflict added more doors and keypads that rewarded loot and clues for the reveal. New for Warzone Season 6, the Foresight killstreak that exposed future circles on the map could even be found in bunkers, though its drop rate has been quickly nerfed. inspect the video above for a way to urge into all of them.

Every Warzone bunker code: All new locations and combinations

(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Or if you favor it written down, here are the codes (which, unlike the stadium one, are all fixed) and secret bunkers added during the initiate to the reveal:

  • 09: Warzone Prison shack code 72948531
  • 01: South Junkyard 97264138
  • 03: North Junkyard 87624851
  • 10: Park (nuke) 60274513
  • 07: TV Station 27495810
  • Warzone Farmland code 49285163

All old Warzone bunker locations

  • 00: On the coast south of Promenade West, head down the cliff as if you’re going out of bounds to find the path to this mischievously hidden spot.
  • 01: North of the go-kart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  • 02: Drive north along the road from the previous bunker.
  • 03: Right next to bunker 02, but you’ll need to drop through a trap door.
  • 04: Southeast of Dam, in the cliffs above the large Russian sign.
  • 05: On the west side of the Crash Site.
  • 06: On the far east side of the map between Quarry and Lumber, above the train tunnel.
  • 07: East of TV station, northeast of Stadium. Look for another trap door.
  • 08: Opposite bunker 07, head down the steps inside.
  • 09: Northeast of Prison, cut into the cliff below the bridge.
  • 10: South of Tavorsk Park on Verdansk’s southern edge.

How to open a non-keypad Warzone bunker

First, you would like a Red Access Card, which is merely available in legendary crates. However, they’re so rare that they are not even bound to show up in those, so keep your fingers firmly crossed when opening them. Next, you would like to seek out a bunker. go to the near bunker.

you can see a keypad in the right hand of your bunker door. Interacting thereupon will trigger the horizontal yellow bars to unlock, and therefore the door will open. If you create it this far, happy looting—you’ve earned it. But if you’re hoping to seek out the secrets within Warzone bunker 11, more thereon below. And above this is often the breakdown of all the new bunkers with keypads, just in case you missed it.

COD Warzone bunker 11 and phone locations

Warzone bunker 11 and phone locations

Warzone bunker 11 phones (Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Warzone bunker 11 and phone locations

this bunker has a legendry MP7 weapon blueprint, northwest of Military Base. Access cards can’t get you in here. Instead, you’ve got a couple of more hoops through which to leap, and it involves some phones and remedial Russian.

To unlock Warzone bunker 11 you would like to trace down the proper phones—their locations are marked on the map above. just you have to go to the phone, then pick the phone when they ring dial tone once you call them, but those you are looking for will offer you three numbers that correspond to a different set of phones you would like to ring. this is able to be a touch simpler if those numbers weren’t in Russian, but there you go.

So, here are the numbers 1-9 in Russian:

  • 0: ноль (“nohl”)
  • 1: один (“a-deen”)
  • 2: два (“dva”)
  • 3: три (“tree”)
  • 4: четыре (“chye-tir-ye”)
  • 5: пять (“pyat”)
  • 6: шесть (“shest”)
  • 7: семь (“syem”)
  • 8: восемь (“vo-syem”)
  • 9: девять (“dyev-yat”)

Now, once you’ve identified the three numbers you would like , your squad must break up and access the corresponding numbered phones. Those are marked on the map below.

After all your diligence it is time to say your rewards. Warzone bunker 11 takes tons of effort to open, but the results are worthwhile. First, you’ll find the sphecoid wasp blueprint for the MP7, and there should be a good few supply crates to assist you refill on decent gear.

Head to an equivalent room because the MP7 and stroll over to the corner of the space to equip them. Of course, there is no forgetting that there is a nuke you’ll spot during a state of assembly during a separate room. you cannot interact with it or use it, however.

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