Western Digital 22TB hard drives available to buy

Western Digital's 22TB hard drives
(Image credit: Western Digital)

The Western Digital 22TB hard drives probably won’t sell as well as it used to, yet a great deal of that is most likely because of the continuous shift towards streak arrangements at lower limits. At higher limits, the HDD remains ruler. Western Digital has reported its most recent 22TB hard drives.

Western Digital is transporting 22TB WD Gold, WD Red Pro, and WD Purple Pro HDDs. These aren’t buyer arranged drives precisely, however they are retail drives. The WD Gold is intended for servers and workstations and they’re worked in view of dependability. The WD Red Pro is a very good quality NAS drive intended for 24×7 multi-client conditions. At long last, the WD Purple Pro is intended for multi-transfer video recording applications.

Each of the three drives have a 3.5-in structure factor, a SATA 6Gbps interface, 512MB of store and twist at 7200RPM. They have a long term guarantee and all are evaluated at $600 and can be purchased straightforwardly from WD’s online store(opens in new tab) in the event that you’re in the USA.
The three drives share a similar 10-platter 3.5-inch helium-filled stage that utilizes energy-helped opposite attractive recording (ePMR) innovation and triple-stage actuators (TSA). The 22TB Gold can arrive at an extremely noteworthy consecutive exchange speed of 291MB/s, while the Red Pro and Purple drives hit a decent 265MB/s.

While these drives are great and there’s nothing preventing an end client from getting them, it’s somewhat miserable to see WD isn’t putting a lot of spotlight on inside drives for standard purchasers. Its Black series of drives are the ones it advances as gaming drives, yet it finishes out at 10TB. The standard and mass stockpiling enhanced Blue series drives are restricted to 8TB. WD plainly accepts that SSDs are the best answer for gamers, and for unadulterated gaming that is totally right, however gamers don’t simply game.

Nowadays, a purchaser on the chase after mass capacity is coordinated towards outer drives. WD’s Elements outer hard drives are accessible in limits up to 20TB, and frequently these can be found with steep limits, making them great incentive for putting away immense measures of information.

Some portion of me needs a 22TB inside drive, regardless of whether it takes me a couple of years to top it off. In any case, there are a lot of you who won’t ever be fulfilled. On the off chance that a NAS loaded with 22TB drives isn’t sufficient, WD started delivering 26TB Ultrastar(opens in new tab) drives to hyperscale cloud clients in June. In 2023 you’ll probably have the option to purchase retail forms.

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