COD :Warzone 2 according to a leak

A Warzone 2 video leak is currently trending online

warzone 2
(Image credit: Activision)

Warzone 2 An as of late distributed COD :Warzone 2 according to a leak video that contains insights concerning the impending continuation clearly has precise data in it, as per an industry insider.

The video being referred to is by YouTuber NerosCinema, who guarantees that they were reached by somebody who has played Call of Duty: Warzone 2 in front of delivery and has been spilling insights regarding the game on the web. As reverberated by NerosCinema, it’s ideal to take each of the cases made by this individual – as well as other people who spill data – while taking other factors into consideration as it’s basically impossible to check the spilled data yet.

That being said, industry insider Tom Henderson, who is currently known for sharing spilled data about an assortment of games (counting Call of Duty) has said that “a great deal of this is valid” in regards to NerosCinema’s video. However, henderson truly does likewise say: “I’m accepting there are a few disparities on the grounds that the source can’t recollect precise subtleties… Be that as it may, no doubt, spill over-burden inbound, it appears.”

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