Best motherboards for AMD in 2022

The Best motherboards for AMD in 2022 to a decent gaming PC. AMD Ryzen CPUs will blast through games and different errands with a decent motherboard, be it the X570, B55, A520, X470, or B450 chipsets out there. There’s a great deal of little contrasts, however we have a decent clarification of what to search for and which ones will accommodate your spending plan. Your motherboard is significant and you ought to know which ones are genuinely worth the effort.

Before you jam simply any AMD motherboard to your truck, ensure you sort out which is the right chipset for you. AMD has stayed with the AM4 attachment through various CPU ages, so there are numerous choices there. At the top you have X570, however you will find a large number of the same highlights on a B550 load up, in some cases for less money. The least expensive 500-series choice is the A520, yet you might pick a more seasoned 400-series board in the event that you see as one going at a decent cost.

AMD will be creating some distance from the AM4 attachment utilized on these chipsets with its coming Zen 4 CPUs and the new AM5 attachment. In this way, before you purchase, you’ll need to ensure the motherboard is viable with anything that AMD CPU you anticipate introducing in your assemble. Simply recall you will not have an overhaul way to more current chips assuming you get an AM4 motherboard today. You’ll require a totally new motherboard for that.

While looking for the right AMD motherboard, attempt to battle the desire to get the most costly thing out there. Consider cautiously about what highlights you really want and which you could manage without against your spending plan. Do you really want a great deal of ports, or would you say you are all the more a Bluetooth individual? Do you really want Wi-Fi 6 help on the off chance that you intend to plug your PC by means of ethernet? Could it be said that you are staying with SATA-put together SSD drives or moving with respect to a NVMe SSD? The cash you save can continuously be placed towards something different on your construct, similar to a superior GPU(opens in new tab).

Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

The best AMD motherboard Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark
(Image credit: Asus)


Chipset: X570
Memory: 4x DIMM, Up to 128GB, DDR4-4866 (OC)
Expansion slots: 2x PCIe 4.0 x16, 1x PCIe 3.0 x16, 1x PCIe 4.0 x1
Video ports: N/A
Rear USB: 4x USB 3.2 Gen1, 8x USB 3.2 Gen2 (1x USB Type-C)
Storage: 3x M.2; 8x SATA
Networking: 802.11ax 2.4Gbps Wi-Fi; Intel I211-AT 1G & Realtek RTL8125 2.5G LAN
Form factor: ATX


                                          +Clean design
                                          +Great performance
                                          +No chipset fan



Asus’ ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero needs to be the final AM4 motherboard you’ll ever require again. It consolidates every one of the 4+ long periods of BIOS refreshes, PCB, and electrical format changes into what ought to be a full grown and refined bundle. Significantly, dissimilar to early X570 sheets, the Dark Hero was planned with Zen 3 processors close by during the plan stage.

The Dark Hero includes a somewhat inconspicuous plan. All in all, it’s possible it’s somewhat dull. Maybe we have reached ‘Pinnacle RGB’ with ongoing motherboards being somewhat more discrete with their RGB executions. It’s likewise uncommon that there’s not a Crosshair VIII Apex or Extreme, particularly when Gigabyte and MSI have sheets estimated well over the Dark Hero.

A $400 USD motherboard can never be depicted as modest, however contrasted with the extravagant costs of the MSI Godlike and Gigabyte Aorus Extreme, it positively feels more reasonable.

The design of current ATX sheets tends not to shift a lot of nowadays. The essential M.2 space is reasonably situated over the PCIe opening. The second opening at the base likewise includes a heatsink. The attachments are not difficult to access without eliminating the whole heatsink gathering. Additionally remarkable: No chipset cooling fan! Yippee!

The back IO is stuffed out. Assuming you really want extra USB ports for that head massager or plasma ball, there are not many better prepared sheets. There are something like eight USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, one of which is Type-C. There are additionally BIOS clear and flashback fastens, the LAN and WiFi radio wire ports, and the typical arrangement of sound ports including S/PDIF. The IO safeguard is preinstalled, which is blessedly now becoming standard practice on good motherboards.

The VRM has been redesigned over that of the standard Hero. The power stages are currently appraised for 90a, up from 60a which align it with a portion of the other premium X570 sheets. Regardless of whether you’re into crushing out benchmarks on LN2 (and this load up will see a lot of that in the possession of overclockers), it will deal with the discipline effortlessly. The heatsinks are huge and stout issues.

Motherboard testing is many times perhaps of the most ridiculously difficult thing a tech writer needs to do. For certain loads up, you need to battle it to inspire it to do what you need, or anticipate that it should, or need to or wrench up some voltage setting to a level you would rather not, however the Dark Hero boots the initial time, even as we played with the memory clocks and timings and the Infinity Fabric.
The presentation distinctions between sheets with in any case indistinguishable banding together parts is typically tiny. That is especially obvious as we’re presently a few ages in and any BIOS niggles in the X570 chipset have been well and really blocked out. A great deal of the time changeability can just boil down to a room for give and take.

All things considered, we had the option to arrive at an Infinity Fabric clock of 2,066MHz, which joined with a 1:1 memory clock brings about DDR4-4133 with tight timings. That is not something we’ve had the option to accomplish with other Ryzen 5000 silicon or different sheets up until this point. The Dark Hero was bootable with extra SoC and CCD voltage much higher than this.

The Crosshair VIII Dark Hero probably won’t be the best AM4 motherboard made, we’d need to survey two or three hundred others to make that case, however it’s a simple case to make that the Dark Hero is without a doubt one of the most outstanding AM4 motherboards we’ve at any point utilized. Time and long periods of client input will decide whether the Dark Hero expects a situation as one of the really incredible ROG motherboards, yet we wouldn’t wager against that incident.

 ASRock X570S PG Riptide

Best AMD motherboards ASRock X570S PG
(Image credit: ASRock)


Chipset: X570S
Memory: 4x DIMM, up to DDR4-4733, up to 128GB
Expansion Slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16, 2x PCIe 4.0 x16 (x4), 3x PCIe 4.0 x1
Video ports: HDMI
USB ports: Up to 3x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 8x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 6x USB 2.0
Storage: 2x M.2, 6x SATA
Network: Killer E3100G 2.5G LAN
Form factor: ATX


                                       +A great value X570 board
                                       +Strong gaming performance


                                        -Lacks Wi-Fi
                                       –Ageing ALC897 audio codec

In the event that you’re searching for a sub $200 AMD motherboard(opens in new tab), the commonplace counsel is check out at one of the numerous quality B550 contributions. However, it’s significant not to ignore the new X570 forms. The essential chipset is a couple of years old, yet with the recently delivered X570S models, perhaps now is the ideal time to investigate AMD’s top loads up.

Remarkably, the ‘S’ in the new X570S classification means quietness. Early age X570 sheets, with a couple of special cases, all came with bothersome, whiny chipset fans. As well as detached chipset cooling, the new X570S sheets empower overhauled availability choices, including quicker than Gigabit LAN or WiFi 6E. Unfortunately the ASRock X570S Riptide doesn’t have WiFi 6E, yet it has an incredible cost for a top chipset board.

The X570S Riptide may not be your idea of a component pressed board, however it has a large portion of the significant highlights you’ll have to run a top spec gaming rig. Only one of the two M.2 openings is covered by a heatsink, however in reasonableness, a rising number of elite execution SSD models are being delivered with discretionary heatsinks these days in any case.
The back I/O is sensible for a board in this cost range. There’s a vacant section held for Wi-Fi recieving wires, in addition to a PS/2 combo port, CMOS clear button, and a welcome HDMI 2.1 port for use with one of AMD upcoming 5000-series APUs.

There’s likewise a standard arrangement of sound ports including S/PDIF, however unfortunately, its determined by the maturing ALC897 codec. It’s obsolete in 2021 and doesn’t have a place on something besides financial plan city sheets. Network obligations are taken care of by a Killer E3100 2.5G regulator. Unadulterated Gigabit is vanishing quick, and just in time. There are eight USB ports, comprised of Type-An and C USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, four Gen 1 ports and two 2.0 ports. All things considered, it’s a decent determination of ports.

The ASRock Riptide would in general be a little more slow in efficiency based errands during our benchmarking, however won over be great under gaming loads. Our new encounters with ASRock sheets commonly show them to offer excellent memory transfer speed, so maybe that last 0.1% of BIOS clean is on the way. Generally speaking, there is essentially nothing to grumble about and, in the event that you’re a gamer, you’ll be exceptionally blissful. As could be, our X570-based motherboards perform inside a couple of percent of one another, or inside a room for mistakes.

The X570S Riptide is a strong financial plan offering that will joyfully happen at the core of a top-spec PCIe 4.0 framework. It won’t win the component confrontation fight with additional costly sheets, be that as it may. At last, there are two schools of however while assessing the X570S Riptide. Also, everything relies upon which parts you are running. As referenced above, to utilize them to their full capacity, no matter what other PCIe 4.0 development cards, then the X570 chipset is for you.

Then again, on the off chance that you have only one drive and a solitary PCIe 4.0 GPU, then, at that point, a B550 board merits a look, especially models like ASRock’s own B550 PG Velocita or the MSI MAG B550M Mortar recorded beneath, the two of which offer a beneficial other option.

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WIFI

Best AMD motherboards MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro
(Image credit: MSI)


Chipset: X570
Memory: 4x DIMM, 64GB, DDR4-4400
Expansion Slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16, 1x PCIe 4.0 x16 (x8), 1x PCIe 4.0 x16 (x4), 2x PCIe 4.0 x1
Video ports: HDMI
USB ports: 8x rear IO, 4x internal
Storage: 2x M.2, 6x SATA
Networking: 1GbE LAN, Wi-Fi 6
Form factor: ATX


                                             +Twin PCIe 4.0 M.2 Slots
                                             +Wi-Fi 6 Compatible


                                             –M.2 heat shields and fans make replacing them fiddly

The MSI MPG X570 addresses an amalgamation of extreme front line motherboard tech, worked to assist you with taking advantage of AMD’s very good quality Ryzen 5000 processors, . Obviously, you could get something less expensive regardless open a large portion of those chips execution, yet MSI is likewise tossing in a slick look, a lot of network, and unshakable VRM.

The MSI MPG X570 has four DIMM openings that can deal with speeds up to 4,400MHz (despite the fact that there’s very little point going past DDR4-4000) and two PCIe 4.0 M.2 spaces — MSI’s MPG X570 is tied in with capitalizing on the best parts, be that top of the line DDR4 RAM(opens in new tab) or NVMe SSD(opens in new tab).
The back I/O board highlights seven USB Type-A ports for peripherals, as well as a solitary USB Type-C port for network and fast information move. So you will not do without valuable ports for in any event, er, seven days.

The MPG X570 upholds Wi-Fi 6, and keeping in mind that that requires a Wi-Fi 6 viable switch for the quickest speeds, it will likewise work with existing Wi-Fi 4/5 switches (previously 802.11n and 802.11ac). Additionally significant is the HDMI port, which numerous X570 sheets discard (not that we’d suggest involving an AMD APU with coordinated designs in a very good quality board like this).

The sets of M.2 openings each have committed heat safeguards and fans, and keeping in mind that this forestalls likely warm choking, it makes introducing or supplanting them a more sensitive cycle than with their more-uncovered partners.

The MPG X570 includes sufficient similarity to benefit from your equipment now and later on, gave you’re willing to pay a premium for it. While it’s a brilliant motherboard, in the event that you’re not currently dedicated to a shopping rundown of first in class parts, you might need to think about a somewhat more affordable board for your requirements. The MSI X570-A Pro(opens in new tab) discards a few additional items like Wi-Fi and the M.2 safeguards, however it actually runs fine and expenses almost $100 less.

Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master

Best AMD motherboards Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master
(Image credit: Gigabyte)


Chipset: X570S
Memory: 4x DIMM, up to DDR4-5100, up to 128GB
Expansion Slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16, 2x PCIe 4.0 x16 (x4), 3x PCIe 4.0 x1
Video ports: None
USB ports: Up to 3x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 8x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 6x USB 2.0
Storage: 2x M.2, 6x SATA
Network: Killer E3100G 2.5G LAN
Form factor: ATX


                                       +Strong VRM and cooling
                                       +Loads of USB
                                       +Four M.2 slots


                                          -Single 2.5G LAN only
                                          –5G would be nice

he X570 chipset may be several years of age, however that doesn’t mean now is the ideal time to persuade it to retire presently. That is definitively how Gigabyte has managed the X570S Aorus Master. It imparts a great deal in like manner to its as of now profoundly respected 2019 ancestor. With the consideration of some basic component updates and configuration changes, the X570S Aorus Master ought to stay a top tier competitor for AMD motherboards.

At the point when we originally saw X570 sheets as once huge mob at Computex in 2019, something that concerned us was the practically general presence of chipset fans. A 15W TDP joined with the intensity of a few PCIe 4.0 drives implied that dynamic cooling was expected by and large, however fortunately not constantly. The S in X570S means quietness. The base chipset configuration hasn’t changed, however Gigabyte has added a ton of surface region to the cooling gathering, with practically the whole base portion of the board currently covered with heatsinks.

Gigabyte merits recognition for proceeding to utilize finned VRM heatsinks, which add a great deal of surface region. They’re verification that mixing capability with form is conceivable. A 14 stage VRM with 70a MOSFETS is sufficient to drive a 5950X cooled by LN2 with headroom in excess, and that implies clients of ambient cooling won’t confront any issue. We’re not just dazzled by how the VRM cooling looks on the X570S Master, it displayed in testing. With PBO empowered on our 5800X processor, we saw a pinnacle VRM temperature of simply 48°C. That is a full 5°C cooler than our new test with an ASRock X570S PG Riptide.
The back I/O is completely highlighted, especially with regards to USB availability. Twelve ports comprise of four USB 2.0, two USB 3.1 Gen 1, five USB 3.2 Gen 2, and a solitary Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port. Something must be finished about that crazy USB naming plan, yet that is a story for one more day. You get clear CMOS and BIOS Flashback buttons, recieving wire connectors, the standard sound ports with S/PDIF, lastly, a solitary Intel i225-V 2.5G LAN port.

Once more with regards to execution, there’s very little in it between X570 motherboards. Nonetheless, the X570S Master ended up being serious areas of strength for very multi-strung loads while its single strung presentation is about normal. Gaming execution is beat on where we anticipate that it should be, with room for give and take contrasts. It additionally showed itself to have solid M.2 SSD execution.

The Aorus Master is loaded with highlights that keep AM4 and X570 applicable and exceptional. It has heaps of USB ports and capacity choices. It looks great as well. A board around the $400 mark can’t at any point be viewed as reasonable, however we feel it offers a decent list of capabilities costing this much.

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3

The best compact AMD motherboard ASRock X570
(Image credit: ASrock)


Chipset: X570
Memory: 2x DIMM, 64 GB, DDR4-4533+
Expansion Slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16
Video ports: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4
USB ports: 2x USB 3.2 Gen2, 2x USB 3.2 Gen1, 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Thunderbolt 3
Storage: 1x M.2 Socket Gen4, 4x SATA
Network: 1GbE LAN, Wi-Fi 6
Form factor: Mini ITX


                                                  +Tiny, but powerful
                                                  +Thunderbolt 3 connection
                                                  +Integrated backpanel


                                           –Requires an Intel-based CPU cooling bracket

This motherboard is little and strong. Simply see it, there’s so much stuffed onto the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3’s little PCB — I fear to think how the PCB plan and steering process went. However, that work hasn’t been squandered. This is a fantastic motherboard that fanatics of little structure factor PC fabricates will cherish.

ASRock has made some extraordinary AMD Ryzen motherboards throughout the long term, and this one packs in the most recent top of the line X570 chipset, forward-looking highlights, and serious execution. The $200+ price tag may be a cycle intense to swallow, yet that is in many cases the cost you pay for cunningly minimal machines. It additionally should be said that a lot of X570 motherboards sit at around that kind of cost, even standard ATX ones.
The reality there’s practically no Mini-ITX premium appended makes the Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 significantly seriously enticing. It likewise implies you might possibly make a 16-center AMD Ryzen 9 3950X(opens in new tab) or AMD Ryzen 9 5950X(opens in new tab) machine that looks about the same kind of size as a Xbox Series X.

The PCIe 4.0 help isn’t the main high level association on offer with this small ASRock AMD motherboard either; there’s additionally Thunderbolt 3 availability from the coordinated I/O safeguard of the back board. That is an amazing little added extra based on what is a generally unique board.

It is significant that it will require an Intel-based CPU cooling section. To squeeze every one of the elements into the smaller than expected ITX structure factor, ASRock didn’t have space for the cumbersome AMD fitting. That is just an issue if you have any desire to utilize the stock AMD coolers, however any other way, any outsider cooler will accompany Intel sections in any case.

While you should forfeit a couple of ports and openings for the reduced plan of the Phantom Gaming, that will be normal at its size. All the key stuff is available and represented: Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt, Gigabit LAN, PCIe 4.0, and support for the best in class AMD chips. All that you want for a genuinely strong yet smaller scaled down PC.

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