Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV

Samsung 55-Inch QLED TV
Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV


  • Striking, customizable design that resembles a hanging painting
  • Matte screen reduces glare and adds to the painting effect
  • Strong color performance


  • Poor contrast
  • Very expensive for the picture quality


Panel Type LCD
Screen Size 55 inches
Resolution 3,840 by 2,160
Video Inputs HDMI, RF, USB
HDMI Ports 4
Streaming Services Yes
Screen Brightness 475.65 nits
Black Level 0.1 cd/m^2
Contrast Ratio 4,757:1
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Input Lag (Game Mode) 9.5 ms
AMD FreeSync None
Nvidia G-Sync None

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV of life TVs, similar to The Serif ($1,499.99 for a 55-inch model), are intended to look striking even before you turn them on. The Frame is no special case. Its adjustable bezel, matte completion, thin wall mount, Art Mode, and One Connect Box all assist with selling the deception of a mystical computerized painting. All things considered, the TV’s image quality doesn’t exactly satisfy its exorbitant cost ($1,499.99 for the 55-inch model we tried). The Frame is incredible as a design piece, yet you can get a vastly improved a little more with Samsung’s brilliant QN90B ($1,899.99 for the 55-inch variation) or LG’s C2 OLED ($1,799.99 for the 55-inch rendition). Indeed, even the TCL 4K Google TV 6-Series ($949.99 for a 55-inch set) is more appealing for simply over a portion of the cost.

Frame It and Hang It

The Frame’s large contrivance is solidly in its name. It’s intended to seem to be an outlined painting and highlights a bezel that looks more proper on a draping representation than a TV. Rather than vanishing into the edges of the screen, The Frame’s bezel is a level, rectangular casing with sharp 90-degree corners. You can supplant or tweak this bezel to all the more likely match your home’s style; the default is dark, however extra bezels are accessible in brown, teak, white, sloped white, and slanted block ($149.99 each).
The screen sports a matte completion that both decreases glare and adds to the hanging picture impact. You might in fact set the surrounding craftsmanship mode to show a matte casing around the image to additionally work on the deception. With the backdrop illumination set to a moderate level, the impact is striking and subtle enough that visitors could confuse what shows up on screen with an outlined canvas from the beginning.
A thin wall mount shows up with The Frame that allows the TV to sit almost level against the wall. In the crate, you likewise get a straightforward table stand, in the event that you like to set it up on a level surface.

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